Escape Rooms Oregon

IMPORTANT! Normally, our escape rooms can be booked by multiple groups if there are additional slots available, but due to current health concerns and social distancing measures, ALL GAMES WILL BE PRIVATE, regardless of the number of people in the room.


You and your friends have been kidnapped. Your kidnappers have demanded a $1 million ransom and the authorities 60 minutes to deliver the money or the bomb will explode. You need to disarm the bomb and escape to save yourself!

You and your friends have all found the hidden “Golden Tickets”. You are cordially invited to attend the Grand reopening of the chocolate factory!  Make your way through within 60 minutes collecting candies and goodies along the way! Do you have what it takes to escape and claim the factory?

The sequel to our popular Dollhouse escape room. It’s been 75 years since Agatha and the other spirits were banished from the abandoned house. However, it doesn’t take long for the new owners to realize that Agatha and the other spirits have somehow returned and they are NOT happy.

You and your friends are on a road trip heading through the rural south when you’re pulled over by the local police. Without any explanation you’re taken into custody. You soon realize you’re being framed for murder by a corrupt sheriff, judge and local crime lord. You will have 60 minutes to break out of your jail cell and find the evidence in the sheriff’s office that will exonerate you and your friends. So hurry while no one’s looking or else you will surely go away for life or worse!

You have stumbled upon a secret room that appears to have been occupied by Leonardo Davinci. Use the clues and puzzles he has left for the worthy party that he knew someday would find his room. Unlock the “Room of Souls” you will only have one chance and one choice to pick the correct chalice and escape.

You have been taken and wake to find yourselves in a madman’s house of horrors.  He has judged you for the decisions you have made during your life and is forcing you to prove you deserve to live. You have 60 minutes to repent and try to redeem yourself. Do you want to play a game?