In a battle for your life, one spirit will try to help you while the other tries to kill you. But which is which?

You just inherited an old estate from a long long lost great Aunt Agatha you didn’t even know you had. You soon discover the upstairs attic bedroom was hers as a child and that she had a twin, Christine. Soon, it becomes obvious that Christine died as a child (but how?). Two spirit forces are at work here. One trying to help you escape, and one trying to keep you here forever. Who will win?

Why just play a game when you can live it!

Book the time and date you would like to experience The Dollhouse Fort Myers, Florida below. Each 1 hour time slot is for 2 to 10 people. Due to current health concerns and social distancing, ALL rooms will be private.

NOTE: There must be at least ONE PARENT OR GUARDIAN IN THE ROOM when booking rooms for groups under 18 years old. If you are going to play the game, make sure you buy a ticket for yourself. If you are only going to supervise, you don’t have to buy a ticket for yourself. There will be a place for you to sit in the room if you are only supervising.