Escape Rooms Florida

IMPORTANT! If you book your room for less than the maximum number of people for that room, you may be grouped with other people when you play. If you are bringing less than a full room and want a PRIVATE experience, choose the private room option after picking your time and date. Note that you should only choose the private room option if ALL slots  are available in the room at the time of your booking.


You and your friends have been kidnapped. Your kidnappers have demanded a $1 million ransom and the authorities 60 minutes to deliver the money or the bomb will explode. You need to disarm the bomb and escape to save yourself!

One of the greatest minds of history may have found one of the most sought after artifacts in history and hidden it. Can you and your group of treasure hunters face the mind of DaVinci and find the Holy Grail?

You inherited an old estate from an aunt you didn’t even know you had. She had a twin, Christine who died as a child, but how? One spirit tries to help you, but the other wants to trap you forever. Who will win?