Can you find one of the most famous artifacts in history?

For Thousands of years there has never been an item that has more allure or mystery surrounding it than the Holy Grail. It has been the center of hundreds of theories and tales of its journey and final resting place. After all this time the one person who was believed to have been closest to finding it may just in fact have done so. You are Treasure hunters who have stumbled upon a secret room that appears to have been occupied by Leonardo Davinci. Use the clues and puzzles he has left for the worthy party that he knew someday would find his room. Be careful though once you have found and unlocked the “Room of Souls” you will only have 1 chance and 1 choice to pick the correct chalice and escape. Choose the wrong chalice and your code won’t work and you will be locked in for eternity and become just another hunter who didn’t succeed.

Why just play a game when you can live it!

Book the time and date you would like to experience DaVinci’s Secret Phoenix, Arizona below. Each 1 hour time slot is for 2 to 8 people. If you come with less than 8 people you may be grouped with other people. To guarantee a private escape experience, you must either book all 8 slots, or choose the Private Escape Room Experience after choosing your room and time. Private Escape Room Experience is only available if you choose a time with all 8 slots showing as available.