Escape Rooms Arizona

IMPORTANT! Normally, our escape rooms can be booked by multiple groups if there are additional slots available, but due to current health concerns and social distancing measures, ALL GAMES WILL BE PRIVATE, regardless of the number of people in the room.



You and your team of fellow FBI agents must figure out how to stop a hacker from launching the US nuclear arsenal and destroying life as we know it. Can you solve the riddles and clues he has left and save everyone you know and love?

You inherited an old estate from an aunt you didn’t even know you had. She had a twin, Christine who died as a child, but how? One spirit tries to help you, but the other wants to trap you forever. Who will win?

You and your friends have woken up in Alice’s room and Alice is gone. It’s up to you to make your way to Wonderland and save Alice and her friends from the castle and escape Wonderland before the Jabberwocky returns!