Who We Are

padlockSo here’s our story. I travel a lot for work and once in awhile myself and my managers may have a day off to see the local attractions. I was in Toronto and looked on TripAdvisor for “Things to do”. We came across “escape rooms” not knowing what they were all about so we decided to go try one. We were hooked.

Since then I have probably done maybe 15-20 different rooms. As I did more and more I started to realize there are some really bad (cheaply done) rooms and others that are quite good. I started saying to myself “If only they did this” or “if only they did that” it would make it so much better an experience and the rooms would flow better and the more you can involve all the senses as you play the better the experience. I also saw how so many were just missing the mark because either they wanted to do it cheaply or just didn’t have the imagination to do it better. So I thought if I opened a set of rooms I would do things differently. I’d do things better.

Well, talk is cheap so we decided to use our experience to get rid of all the things that don’t work and use the things that do work and add our own twists to make the best ideas even better and optimize the game experience. Game play should be fully immersive and not only challenge the mind but also involve your sight and hearing with state of the art sound and interactive graphics.

We have had unbelievable responses when we actually let people in on what makes us different as far as the twists we have in our Trap game or the fantastic ending to our DaVinci room. Come see what all the excitement is about and if you have done other escape rooms then you’re sure to be pleased and impressed.